Thursday, 9 January 2014

Getting too old to celebrate your birthday?

"Oh god, don't remind me, I'm getting old now."

SO WHAT! and for the record 30years plus isn't old, I'd say 80 was old, but my word 80 year olds can be fantastically spritely :)

My Grandad lived till over 100 and the last family gathering he tookh is deckchair to the spot he wanted to sit by carrying it on his head. My Fiance's nanny is 80 this year, as is my other Grandad, and I hope to be as active as them when I'm their age. But that's 50 years on those that complain of old age at 30. I hope I never get too old to celebrate my birthday or find the need to complain. Balloons, cake, cards, music, the lot please. Just... when I get to 80, maybe someone else could arrange it for me lol.

Speaking of birthdays, it's my Dad's and Fiance's today, and would have been mine if I was born on my due date. As my Fiance works away he's not here today, but I am planning Saturday for him to celebrate. Cake included and a banner. Lol least he'll remember it and feel special. I don't think anyone wouldn't like that now would they even if he might feel a little silly.

So in future if I hear anyone say that, I will roll my eyes, embrace their birthday, create a new product for their present, and wish them a very happy birthday, and even though I can't spoil everyone like I do my family, I will hope someone does it for them! And does it for me each year of my life. One day to feel extra special, surely everyone deserves that?

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