Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Years Resolution/ Goal!

Well we arrived home about 1hour ago after driving home from Wales. It's quite bitter sweet coming home. Nice to be back, back to my bed and routine, back to our things. But I miss our family in Wales and the family feel and care for one another in Wales. I love families living together but its the one thing I haven't had apart from when we visit people. Also Simon is back to work on Saturday, so back to missing him a lot during the week and living for the family weekends.

However, it's 2014! Our year, we are moving house, getting married, I'm finishing uni, going to work hard on The Blossoming Workshop, and hopefully the year will end with us knowing we have a new addition to the family on the way ;)

As for The Blossoming Workshop I have lots of ideas that I hope to begin making tomorrow or the day after. New for Valentines Day, for birthdays, for everyday gifts, and handmade sensory toys for all young children.

Any New Year Resolutions? To be honest I dont think I've ever stuck to any I've made. Do I want to give anything up? Nope. I like chocolate, tasty food, a nice little drink occasionally, I do enough walking, I like cake, I dont want to run a marathon, and I plan to make the most of the year anyway. Perhaps creating a realistic goal is the way to go. Working hard for me and my family, being a good fiance and becoming a good wife. And making sure I have fun and smile alot. I know it all sounds a bit arty farty, but I'm that kind of person, and it's not a bad way to be if you think about it.

I wish you all a wonderful 2014, filled with smiles, laughter, colours, daft silliness, and good food. Make realistic fun goals, don't restrict yourself and be unhappy. Spread the good vibes, and be arty farty cos it's really not so bad! Mmmmmwah! xx

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