Thursday, 19 December 2013

Over Eager Parent

So today is the day, it's Ellie's first play ever and she's going to be a little Reindeer. Can't wait, it's in 4 hrs! I have my camera charged and now trying to concentrate on uni assignments before I go!

I never knew I was one of those OTT, with camera at the ready, getting there early, beaming from ear to ear parents until recently. Lol I feel fit to burst to tell people that she's going to be in a play, I even told the lady at Morrisons check out this morning. Thankfully she didn't leave me hanging and she got a little bit excited for me...probably forgotten now though.

It's also her last day of nursery this year and I really need to remember nursery etiquette for next Christmas as this year I was caught off guard. She's got more Christmas cards than me! So last night we sat down and each time I wrote her friends a card, she would draw them a little picture on the inside. I asked what each picture was, and strangely she was in the mood to draw volcanos in each one apart from one who got a zig-zag line. Very festive! Next year I will be armed with a bumper pack of cards and have them all ready to bring to nursery on time. Also get something better for the staff than chocolate, they must get lots of boxes!

SIX DAYS TO GO FOLKS! *cough* 4 days till my birthday!! I have to wrap presents still and then I'm done. Simon intends to practice the xmas meal starter this weekend, he has mushroom soup in mind....he's going out drinking and xmas shopping on Saturday, place your bets on if he will still want to make mushroom soup with a hangover on Sunday morning? - Needless to say I bought prawns for a prawn cocktail just incase ;)

This time next week I will be tidying the house, eating xmas leftovers, relaxing, and hopefully feeling very happy that all went well. A couple of quiet days before we head to Wales to celebrate New Year with my fiance's lovely family

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