Thursday, 9 January 2014

Living on the apparently inaccessible Planet Mum

I know it's not just me, but some times I get so pee'd off with people. My youngest is nearly 3, and in these 3 years some friends have totally disappeared, whilst others seem to believe that as I have a child I have no social life and don't need to be considered a part of any arrangements. Granted, many a time I would have to decline an invitation due to no childcare, but I would still like to be included in the invitations!

Then there's the friends who just disappear off the planet and never contact you again - odd!

And those that have all the opinions under the sun about raising your child, but no experience of their own!

Can you tell I'm venting, I already feel better about it. How do you cope, or have you all found this not to be the case. Maybe I should just take the hint and realise they're all trying to tell me that my having children has put me on a different planet to them all together and integrating is impossible..

One way I've combatted it is inviting friends over when my daughter is in bed and having a general catch up, take away, and a glass or two. That's nice, but rare. Some times I would really love a surprise visit from a friend, one of those that live on the other planet. They would show up and say "Hi, long time no see. *insert genuinely brilliant reason why they disappeared.* Here's a bottle, and I have food, lets catch up!" How amazing would that be, a visitor from the old planet I used to live on!

Don't get me wrong, I don't envy their supposed freedom, I love Planet Mummy. It's just in those moments when the kids are sleeping and I'm sat watching shite TV and talking to no-one, that I realise the other planet on the horizon, and that no rockets loaded with those friends are on their way.

BUT, Planet Mum also has those amazing residents who stay your friends weather they have children or not, who chose to be-friend and listen to the stressed, emotional, child-centered, unkempt inhabitants of Planet Mum, and probably don't even realise what a strong part they have to play in that natives life.

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