Thursday, 28 November 2013


Ok I admit it, I am addicted to chocolate. Not just a little bit, I have a routine. Every night after the small human goes to bed, I get the chocolate out and have a cup of tea without fail. BUT if there's no chocolate in the house I think about chocolate, go hunting for chocolate, find substitutes to chocolate e.g. hot chocolate, biscuits with chocolate chips in them, chocolate sauce its ridiculous!

Mmmmmm chocolate chocolate chocolate...... tonight was one of those nights where I went hunting. It was only when I found Hobnobs at the back of the cupboard that the nagging thought of "find chocolate" vaguely disappeared.

I am going to the shops tomorrow morning and buying chocolate!!!!!

Oh actually not until after I have tried to buy Monty Python tickets. I'm so excited I might not sleep I missed out earlier in the week, I need to get these. Then chocolate!

Tomorrow is MUMMY & ELLIE'S DAY OF FUN! Every Friday we have the day together, this week we have a massive piece of thick paper to paint, she has the job of choosing all the tinsel her little heart desires, and we're getting our hair cut. A fun filled day. Pics to follow :)

Have a fab Friday!!

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