Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Beginning!


Oh I'm so excited to be sharing this with you. These last two weeks have been pretty busy. I have been wracking my brains for months trying to figure out what my 'thing' was going to be after I finish uni.

You see, my fiance (Simon) and I are moving in together finally in June, and thanks to the wonders of finances, we'll be better off with me not working until our littlest starts school. But I'm not comfortable not earning anything for us, my biggest problem is how can I treat Simon with his own money?!

So what to do, nail design? Voluntary work? P/t in a shop? I liked these ideas, but they didn't click properly. Then Ta-Da! I came up with The Blossoming Workshop idea. Creating Sensory toys for babies, toddlers, and those with learning difficulties. I could start the idea now, not wait till the end of uni, I can do it from home, I can make presents and prototype toys that our daughters can try out. It'll be fun most of all and something that I can expand and really put my enthusiasm into.

In the last two weeks I have set up a shop on (, bought in supplies to begin the gift making, made a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest board. And the final beautiful addition is this blog!

Please stick with me, I'll be blogging about the development of my little shop, and anything else I fancy having a little natter or moan about along the way. As I'm half way through my last degree year at Uni, planning our wedding, organising a house move, and being full time mummy, along side this business venture. I'm sure I wont be short of things to babble on about.

Lots of Love!

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