Sunday, 24 November 2013


So in January this year I gave my fiance his birthday present, an experience pass to go clay pigeon shooting. We finally went yesterday! Never been before, but I want to go again! I'm not a lover of fighting or shooting animals or anything like that, but shooting bright discs out of the sky is lots of fun.

Was I actually any good??.......well.......I shot 4 clays out of 25, sounds poor I know, but those 4 were from the Olympic standard range. I couldn't shoot any of the standard shoot clays, how daft is that! Perhaps that means I was very lucky, or perhaps I'm just a higher class of marksman than the men that were there. (I prefer the latter.)

As a result of shooting I have a lovely brown-blue bruise on the top of my right arm, and feel like I've broken the top of my back from the rebound of the gun - is that even what you call it. Next time i'll wrap a pillow round my arm. So that's OUCH 1.

I burnt my hand on the oven tray as I got the sausages out for lunch. OUCH 2.

Nearly two weeks ago now I switched the sofas round in the living room, they do look better now and are more comfortable when there's more of us sitting down to watch TV. But I pulled the sofa, and managed to sprain my wrist, not coming across as a very sturdy woman am I! It still hasn't healed, OUCH 3.

On the other hand, I used a glue gun this week on my new products that have just gone up for sale on and I didn't burn myself, I used my new craft scissors and didn't cut myself, and I did a lot of sewing and didn't pierce myself. Hooray!

A painful yet productive and fun week! I imagine I may have jinxed myself now uh oh!

By the way, harmless plugging, check out my new products on my shop!! :) 

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