Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Paint hair day

Back from the nursery run to find I've gone there, to the shops, and back with white acrylic paint in my hair! Marvellous, the joys of doing craft work in the afternoon and not checking the mirror before I left the house.

Isn't imagination a wonderful thing, sometimes I'm lost for ideas, but not my 2 1/2 year old, she made voices for her feet this evening and proceeded to walk her feet up and down my leg talking to me. And the other day, she ran through the park with her arms out behind her shouting "Weeeee, I'm a supermarket!" (superhero mix up i think ;) ) Then my imagination put a cape on her back, and a big Superman 'S' on her chest. Might have to photoshop that!

Bed time for little one now, then I have more painting to do, more craft work on the next addition to the shop, and maybe eat an entire chocolate orange to myself. Oh and write more on my next uni assignment. Sleep will come quickly once my head hits the pillow!

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