Thursday, 21 November 2013


Boo hiss, I hear some of you cry "it's only November!"

But tonight, Christmas began here, the Christmas lights got switched on in town with donkey rides, clowns, singers, riders, a hog roast, fake snow, Father Christmas, and of course Christmas lights! (Though they didn't all work) hehe.

We had so much fun, my little Ellie is sleeping peacefully now after being wow'd by the fireworks, and having been up since 6.30am!

Who knew Father Christmas was from Yorkshire too, he had a very broad accent. We even saw him walking round Morrisons later on, strange!

Oh I've spoken too soon, she's woken up and is complaining that she doesn't have her star wand that she got at the celebrations.

Sleep well! Tomorrow is another fun packed day, it's 'Mummy & Ellie's Day of Fun.' I have neither work nor uni. I love Fridays :)


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  1. Lol I love your writing style and giggled at the bit about Santa's Yorkshire accent. Im glad you all had fun, were taking Jack to the Lincoln Christmas market on the 5th so will be interesting to see what he makes of it, he was only 5 months old last year so we didnt take him anywhere.