Monday, 2 December 2013

Bird Song

So the bustle of a Monday morning was non existent today, did I get up extra early, or have a day off? Nope... I slept in by an hour, woke up a happy 2 year old who ate her breakfast without the usual slow sleepy pace, and then played in the garden until the taxi arrived. I thought I'd order a taxi instead of walking - "it'll be quicker," I was wrong. But still it turned out lovely in the end.

I worked on assignments at home, and promoted my shop by all the media forms I could think of. I also came up with new ideas. But I have to hold back as funds are low and I need to make back some of the money I've already spent :( However maybe a few prototypes during the Christmas holidays will quench my thirst.

At the end of a full day spent inside in front of the computer I can get a bit anxious to go out. It used to bother me, some days it still does. Today was one of the days where it did just a little. But I wrapped up and walked the 15 mins to Ellie's nursery. It was busy on the roads, but once I got on to one of the back streets it was quite quiet and I heard a really loud bird, I don't know what it was, I'm not knowledgable about bird song. But it reminded me of going walking in the countryside when I was little and how much I loved it. There's not any proper countryside near where we live, not within walking distance anyway. It made me think about what I give to my daughter, I hope she has fond memories of being little. Perhaps this blog will be a nice thing to look back on, and my shop will grow to contribute nicely to her future. Those are some of my hopes conjured up on route to the nursery.

Feeling quite calm, happy and thoughtful, I think I'll have good dreams tonight...and hopefully wake on time. Sweet dreams.

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