Wednesday, 18 December 2013

It's been 6 days since my last....

I have missed writing on my Blog, I have been so busy with The Blossoming Workshop, assignments, and Christmas that I have neglected it a little bit. My apologies!

So it's a week until Christmas, can you believe it, how fast has this year gone, bringing with it many ups and downs, interesting, and fun moments, and the best moment of all when I got engaged. Though tomorrow may come close, my Ellie is going to be a Reindeer in her first Christmas play at Nursery! *heart melts* Oh boy am I excited, can you tell? I feel I am babbling, or on the verge of loosing my train of thought with silly gibberish speak.

-grabs hold of self-

Isn't it wonderful when fun comes from the most unexpected moments! There I was wrapping up some orders to send, carefully snuggling them up in bubble wrap, when Ellie takes a sheet off the table and looks at it with great curiosity. I suddenly remember when I was little one birthday my mum put a bubble wrap sheet with 'Happy Birthday' written on it outside the door to the room all my presents were in. I had to jump and pop the bubble wrap before I could go in, it was so much fun! So we did it there and then, no Happy Birthday paint, but a good jump around on a big piece of bubble wrap, and she and I loved it!

Needless to say the piece of bubble wrap isn't able to protectively wrap anything anymore! :)
Have some unplanned fun and silliness yourself, I'm sure the benefits will be listed on some scientific fact sheet somewhere

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