Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Creativity vs funds

I feel a little dis-heartened today. Maybe it's lack of sleep, or I've run out of energy I'm not sure. I think maybe if I write a little I may feel better, even if no one is reading the blog yet.

It is coming up to the end of my 3rd week having an Etsy shop and I have received orders but not in the steady roll I was hoping for. Perhaps I was a little ambitious and I know I am a little too excited to make things. But I have to hold off while orders are slow as my money wont stretch if there's not much coming in. Aha!! I think I've just identified the cause behind my lull in mood. I really want to make and create, but I need to calm down and respond to demand.

I am doing lots of promoting, I think I should do leaflets or business cards, but these also cost!

Maybe a little too ambitious huh, but as it is my first shop I didn't know what to expect. Let that be a lesson to me :)

I think this afternoon requires cake, a big slice of cake, and then a very very rare evening out with some friends. My lovely mum is coming to babysit and off I'll stroll to the local pub, I'll try get a few pics as it is always decorated to the extreme for Christmas, some years you can't see the ceiling!

Ahh I feel better for taping my thoughts out on the keyboard, and promising myself cake.

Thanks for reading whoever you may be :) if anyone does lol.

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