Monday, 9 December 2013

Skittles: moreish, yet sickening

Wow I feel like I have neglected my Blog over the weekend with being so busy! But I'm back, ta-da!

So what's happened to me this weekend, well we had all the girls over, went to the Huddersfield Light Festival, which was fab. I recommend you go if you ever get the chance. It didn't start till 5 with the lights but it was well worth such a late trip out and the girls had a great time dancing to the music, watching the light shows, and eating pizza made fresh in a pizza oven from scratch. I could have eaten delicious food from any one of those stalls, but money is a little tight with it being nearly Christmas.

Christmas! Yup, this year I am making Christmas dinner again, this time for 6 people. Only my second year of doing it, but I'm so excited. We got a 'new' extendable dining table from a charity shop so we wont all have to cramp around the tiny circular table we had before. And I am now on a mission to find a pack of 6 placemats, its hard! They come in 4's, so I could buy 8 easily, but 6 is a struggle. Maybe I'll just have to make them myself :)

Skittles, moreish yet sickening. I am sitting writing my shopping list including a list for the Christmas food, while eating a share bag of skittles. Time to close them before I barf!

I will post my Christmas day shopping list so if I've missed anything perhaps you passers by can tell me so I don't forget a vital ingredient on the day.

I could babble on all night, I do enjoy this Blogging lark!

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