Thursday, 12 December 2013

Pink & orange sky


- Walked to nursery with Ellie under the pink and orange sky as she pretended to be an aeroplane & encouraged me to do the same, obviously I obliged and had a great time.

- Did a whole assignment at uni from start to finish.

- Picked Ellie up from nursery early & had a happy evening together.

- Began my newest customer order, and really enjoyed making it.

- Had a phone call with my marvellous fiance.

- Now watching a film, having a glass of wine, & eating chocolate.

A truly marvellous day. If you haven't had such a perfect day today, I wish you one tomorrow. After a crazy busy week with some pretty upsetting moments, todays perfection came out of the blue and calmed me throughout. I hope for more pink and orange sky in the morning. xxx

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